A great and largely inexpensive place to live for New Jerseyans seeking a quick and painless commute into New York City. Borders on Montclair and Glen Ridge. Has 2 stops on the Montclair-Boonton line for NJ Transit and is also served by the DeCamp Bus Line.
Bloomfield, NJ is a wonderful place to live. Highly cultural, short commute to NYC and low taxes!
by ShannonEyes January 4, 2008
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A lower-middle-upper class town that borders wealthy Glen Ridge, average Nutley, and ugly East Orange. The town is long and most things tend to be on Broad St. The downtown is mostly avoided by locals as its somewhat rundown and has hobos and a crazy bag woman. The town is also diverse but is slowly becoming more like Newark. The South End tends to have a large Hispanic population and then African-American. The Central part of town is diverse but mainly white and the north end of town is mostly white. The town has been recently going downhill as the test scores in a majority of the schools are low, students misbehave, and more and more lower-income families are moving in.
Boy: Bloomfield, NJ is nice...
Girl: Only if you live on the Northisde..
by BahamaBlu February 2, 2007
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