Something your parents say to wake you up in the morning, commonly used in the south.

Also can be used as encouragement.
by Macie4fern January 10, 2017
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Military jargon used to instruct troops to advance or go forth.
To wake someone up in the morning you would say, "Up and at 'em (them)".
by CaptCrackSparrow December 23, 2011
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Basically rolling hard in a fly ass gangsta mobile with LAMBO DOORS, usually painted with a candy like special effect paint that looks like gelatin, and in the middle of a busy traffic day or night simply throw the doors up on em. Best results come by both the driver and passenger's all at the same time open the doors to a vertical degree to make other passer by's eyes open up like paper plates. OO
Dawg look as these haters right here, man let's throw the doors up on em'
by JoeyJawBreakers May 20, 2008
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to walk !

response from a young, darker pigmented human after being asked how he would get to "big game"
magoo! , how you getting to the game ? magoo: "picking 'em up, laying 'em down ! "
by michael foolsley March 29, 2021
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A homosexual male term used in skateboarder. It implies one man giving another male an erection. When the certain male receives an erection, his 'horn' has been thrown up.
Skater- 'Hey mitch did you see that nose kickflip?"

Friend- 'Yea that was pretty hot and wicked'

Skater 2- 'You boys throwing up em horns or are you skating?
by Hospis Vet March 6, 2011
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