The biggest part of the fun earthbound multiverse. It is a multiverse within an other multiverse since it contains many alternate realities with different worlds.
The undertale multiverse is so much big.
by Retardost December 13, 2021
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a game were you can kill or not kill and be killed by a bunch of monsters attacking you for seemingly no reason
by all means this game is FANTASITC 9999999/10 why? WHY? metta, mutable endings that aren't achieved by choosing a choice, and a skeleton that wont stop saying PUNS, oh yea and there is a bunch of characters like GOAT MOM, skeleton that has a kinda generic personality (oh god the fans are going to kill me) A TOO MAD TO DIE FISH woMAN , JUNK BOT, GOAT KING, goat kid, GOAT GOD, and another human that only appears in geocide, OH AND SPEACKING OF GENOSIDE (i meant to spell it wrong) there are two MAJOR ENDING pacifist and GENOSIDE ( i suggest you do genoside last because once doing this one you cant get pacifist ever again) pacifist is were you befriend EVRYONE including GOAT MOM (or don't and murder her without any guilt) THIN skeleton (or don't and get a clean head shot) TOO MAD TO DIE FISH woMAN (or don't and witness her true form and get and tripled amount of beat ups per second) JUNK BOT (or dont and wittiness her TRUE NEO GENERIC FORM that is pretty weak) and pun SKELITON (or dont and M E G O N O V A N I A) and that pretty much it
undertale oh and for your own sanity, dont go into the major fandoms for reasons that are so inappropriate that i will not name (or your horny)
by someone else thats not u February 4, 2021
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The best game in the UNIVERSE. If you've never even heard of it, then where have you been all your life? This game is only a computer game, so if you dont have a computer? GET ONE
Temmie: HOI!!! human, hav u evr heard of undertale?

Random Guy: Under-tale..? Noooo.... and what even are you?!?!?

Temmie: Humans... such a cute!! Dosnt even no wat undertale is


Random Guy: w-watching anime... 😥

Fan: well at least your doing SOMETHING right...
by Hoi_im_temmie123 June 17, 2020
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A game made by Toby Fox .

Undertale is an RPG game and have multiple endings , depending on the way you play .The game also offer a strange but pretty good combat system were you can kill absolutly anyone or spare all of them . the community of Undertale is growing fast : Fan games , art , Videos , Let's play ...
I'm scared of flowers because of undertale .
by TheAtomicKitty December 27, 2016
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A small indie game with on of the worst communities that will harass youtubers for playing the game their own way and harass other people because of fandom ships.
"Yo do you like Undertale"
"Yeah, but I hate the toxic and shitty fanbase"
by UpdtdAutpsyReprt November 1, 2020
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A famous game by Toby Fox , Which is mostly for all peoples to play but you need to spend money to buy it. Is a game you can like the Killed or be killed and Mercy to all .... Totally is a very fun game to play with
1.'Get drunked on !!!'
2.'Is kill or be killed !
Undertale !!!
by Johns Dicken February 18, 2017
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