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(to) undercunt ′ʌndəkʌnt: to be less of a cunt than someone else
1. Allie was being a cunt to a coworker but ended up getting undercunted.

2. "I'm not saying you're a cunt but the other girls at the party were all undercunting you."

- "Okay, now you can really go fuck yourself, Brad!"
by alliebro August 03, 2011
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To say something in a way that is very rude without being directly rude. Usually done by a woman, but not restricted to women.
Connie, the property manager, spoke to me with a lot of undercunt when I politely asked her why she hadn't cashed my check two weeks after giving it to her.
by Twasterkaffen July 06, 2017
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The undercunt is great. It's that meaty part of the cunt that can conduct rational thought and tell a girl just how long she can hold out for that ring.
That bitch has some undercunt, yo. I had to buy her a fuckin house to get into that shit. Damn.
by Cuntface! June 26, 2006
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