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When your bros leave you out of activities such as lunch, meetings, and basically hanging out. Their activities are the complete opposite of being a bro.
DUDE! They went to Brewster's without you? You totally got unbro'd
by daigong December 13, 2014
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(adj.) 1. An action or event that is unbecoming of a bro. An action or event that a friend would not be a part of or make another suffer through. 2. In the case of an action, there are usually negative effects on others. 3. With an event, the persons involved will likely be miserable throughout said event.
An individual pursues relations with a female that his bro was interested in first. That individual's action of pursuit can be deemed "unbro."
by Double-E July 11, 2009
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someone who does things that go against Brocode; not acting like a true friend
Wow, the douche decides to work instead of hanging with his friends, he's so unbro.

The way he drank all of the Matcha latte and didn't share, that was so unbro of him to do.
by unbrobro June 30, 2018
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Some on who you are no longer friends with or were past bros
I saw my unbro Troy at the shops.
by @xtreme June 17, 2019
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