the person who stays at the stash house and watches the drugs. usually cocaine/crack.
yea im the umpire i chill at the crib and watch the base.
by $pazz April 7, 2003
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Fat guy who wears blue in a baseball game and can’t make one right call in his life and as Blinde as a bat
Hey Look it’s an Umpire!!
by TheAmericanUrban June 19, 2018
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In Australian Football, the person who runs around the field blowing a whistle and tries to tell the players what to do. They are usually born without any form of eyesight. aka White Maggots
Mate the umpires blind, he pinged me for holding the ball when I didn't have chance to get rid of it.

That umpire's a stupid White Maggot
by 2384 January 22, 2008
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Dodgy stuff, too close to call, of dubious merit, some characteristic or aspect that "the jury is still out" on. Something that is debatable.

Etymology: Akin to when during a cricket match the on field umpires are faced with a decision that is too difficult to make and so they refer to the Third Umpire for a ruling.
Tom Cruise eating placentas is Third-Umpire.
by Sidhypes June 13, 2006
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Cricket: Used when the on-field umpire is unsure of a decision regarding run-outs, stumpings, and the legality of catches. However, they now use it as a cop-out as they are too pussy to make decisions. The third umpire plays part in the umpire decision referral system.
A batsmen is clearly run out.
Tired umpire calls for third umpire so he gets a break.
by Ranga O_o December 16, 2009
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The place baseball umpires need to go when they suck.
I was 0 for 3 tonight because butt-face over there needs to go to umpire school.
by umpireschool October 5, 2012
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