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A woman who does not meet the popular standards of sexual attractiveness (i.e. not a betty), though is attractive despite due to other distinctions, which could include both physical and personal.
She's cute... she's an ugly betty, like Pam from The Office.
by Brian Blakely May 28, 2007
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ugly betty is betty suareza first generation hispanic in new York City. She manages a clash of cultures in a situation comedy adapted from the telenova "betty la fea" with executive producer Salma Hayek which reached audiences in more than 80 million households avross the globe.
The most unattractive star of ABC this year is Ugly Betty who reveals her education and desire without taking off her clothes.
by mike gee paperboy September 23, 2006
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Intercourse including a man and a woman, at which point the man puts her in the walls of jericho and proceeds to climax.
Geraldo: Man, I have that bitch an ugly betty last night and she said her back still hurts!

Freddy: Word, dawg?
by TicalCJB August 04, 2008
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a very unattractive female
that has way to many hot friends

because they use to her to make them look hotter

and in turn it raises her self esteem
but she einevitably gets turned down by every guy

because... well just to put it nicely
she way to ugly
nick: yo man i think i wanna go dance with those girls over there

jake: no wait man they have that ugly-betty over there with them. lets wait till she walks away then we can go steal her hot friends
nick: oh hell ya man we dont want that ugly-betty being all on our nuts while we try n push her off for her friends
by hoddrat March 06, 2010
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An ugly fat chick that resembles "Ugly Betty". She works at a local Drive-Thru to get all the macadamia and sausage possible to try and over come her guilt of being so ugly and fat.
That "Ugly Betty" wants all the goods for herself. The bitch better lays off of my snacks. She better get her own nuts and dick.
by Joey Rumschik January 13, 2009
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