In Norwegian, it means something foreign, usually african or middle eastern. A derogatory term.
"That's how they do it in ugga bugga land."
by funnyguy75 March 22, 2010
Flopping around during intercourse so as if to insinuate oneself to not have a spine, rendering your involvement in copulation reduced to nil. Taking full credit of any and all orgasmic instances is a must.
"I didn't feel like paying her, so I pulled an ugga bugga and told her I was broke after."
by Heath Leeds April 14, 2008
A racist term used to mock Africans and black people in general when they don't speak proper english . This is also why racists call Obama Obunga.
My black neighbors are making those ugga bugga noises again. (derogatory example)
by Lee Guy October 18, 2016
Used to express annoyance or anger.
"ugga bugga I have a shitload of homework tonght."

by wurd. August 13, 2006
A crown shop companion from the game Pirate101.
“I got Ugga Bugga from the crown shop”
“You’re not even a witch doctor!”
by the-yeehaw-kid April 26, 2019
a cognate
Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common origin.
Part of the still existing Proto-languages much the same as the word GAP or IN. A Mathematical misnomer.
Ugga bugga is to gap as increment is to Dirac is to Delta ;
by plantmilkweedseeds April 6, 2008
"you dont have to worry about it"
in somalic
dude 1- shit i broke my phone screen
dude 2 - ugga bugga bugga mama ugga bugga bugga ugga mama
by jeff cena March 14, 2018