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a name, and a person that will live on forever. the original ubong, ubong the great, chief ubong, udoh udoh, as his is known, is and will be a great man. ladies love him, guys want to be him, or be his friend and do shit for him. this man walks into a bar, (santa fe) and all the attention is directed towards him.
girl: hey stacy look, its ubong! i hope hes gonna let us suck his dick tonight

if only we were soooo lucky.
by ubong the great December 27, 2007
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A King. A Ruler. The one that speaks and no one can quantify the extent of his derivation of knowledge. An excellent leader and a figure of pleasant tidings.

A southern Nigerian unisex name from the Erik/Ibibio tribe. can be translated as ''Glory'' in English.

Other versions of this name includes phrases such as "Ubong-Obong", or "Ubong-Abasi" Translated as The Glory of God
Ubong is here, I assume that we are rest assured to receive a pleasant news today.

Ubong: Hi GrandMa, How are you today.

GrandMa: Ubong-abasi mmi, I am fine. Aba diΓ«
Ubong: AfΓΆn mama!
by Gainz Lord June 06, 2018
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A very beautiful Nigerian girl who is very kind hearted and down to earth, people that surround love everything about her she is kind and very Intelligent ,Her name means the glory of God,never let an Ubong go because she is one in a million,this is from a females point of view.
That girl is very generous she is really an Ubong
I like this girl she has an attribute of an Ubong
by Lightskinnedbeauty August 08, 2018
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