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the complete and utter extent of goobage. one who squints a lot; has trouble controlling the volume of his or her voice; interrupts others to tell uninteresting stories but doesn't realize it; often far too enthuastic about everything; unusually large forehead and, the most significant uber goober sign: clueless of their ube goob status
That guy James is an uber goober to the max.
by yaboy May 22, 2006
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N. Compound with two subsets:
(1) OO'-ber: Extreme; Supreme; Ultimate; Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense.
(2) GOO'-ber: (slang) Term of endearment for 'Friend'; A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
Mark J. Peters is THE UberGoober.
by : ) April 11, 2003
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(n) Basically, the epitomy of 'nerd'. Somebody who is just so geeky that you could put them in a room with nothing but a peice of paper and an aniseed ball, and they would somehow manage to make an experiment out of it.

See also: Goober
"You, my friend, are an uber goober."
"Uber-goober it up!"

Bill Gates
by midgetben August 11, 2005
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A total social inept.

from the german uber - meaning over
& eng.slang goober meaning hick, dork,chin drooler.
He passed wind in her general direction,laughing at her cries of "What an Ubergoober."
by terry shea February 15, 2005
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one who engages in meaningless pursuits
My semiotics professot is the ubergoober.
by ubergoober December 07, 2002
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a man known for having a long, girthy penis
yeah, she is coming over again tonight. she knows whos got the uber goober!
by sickko July 05, 2007
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Similar to Alpha Geek and uber geek, but specifically referring to someone who games excessively, or is focused on gaming, moreso even than other gamers around them. The person in a gaming circle who puts the most time and effort into the game or preparing for the game, regardless of whether or not they have a life outside it, although, that is usually true to carry the title as a compliment and not something more derogatory. Generally this refers more to people who play pen and paper RPGs or LARPs or miniatures rather than computer gamers.
You painted 257 miniatures in one night? Truly you are the Über Goober.
by I'm A Unicorn August 22, 2005
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