A straight forward person, straight to the point or down to earth. Lacks care and concern for others feelings, someone who tells it like it is. Often lacks trust in females. Someone who doesn't believe in love. Often dosnt put up with bullshit
Your acting like a tyric ...you must be a tyric
by Bookletsman June 27, 2018
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Tyric is the name of a man who is incredibly kindhearted and funny. He has awesome taste in music and always knows how to make everyone smile. He puts the needs of everyone else before his own and cares deeply for those he loves. He is strong, sexy, and very good looking. He is an awesome friend to all and an even better boyfriend if you get the chance to be his girl.
Even though he was already bleeding himself, Tyric makes sure everyone else is okay around him instead of taking care of himself.
by musicgal23 August 14, 2019
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