someone who can't really type properly, constantly screwing up, but are really fast great typists, just mess up which hand. not dyslexic in real life.

a person with typing dyslexia is typing dyslexic (though they might say it typing dixleysc).
Jessi took 81 tries to type OCD ALERT last night, she has such typing dyslexia.
by SVU~FREAK February 14, 2006
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A condition in which a person does not know how to type properly and therefore when attempting to type fast(such as in a chat room),ends up creating a large number of typos, making the words look dyslexic.
Typer1: hpw atr yu dopn todsy?
Typer2: ???
Typer1: sorry,ignore my typing dyslexia
by chocolemonade:-) April 28, 2009
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The term for a person who severly botches simple written words or sentences using a keyboard or phone. Used as colloquial slang suited for any time this occurs for any person, not a mental disorder of any kind.
Person 1: do yo rwaly thinl thats a giif idea
Person 2: What the hell are you talking about?
Person 1: Sorry, Typing Dyslexia

Person A: teh tim is right
Person B: Are you really using the overplayed 'teh' meme?
Person A: It's just Typing Dyslexia, calm the fuck down
by IQuarent October 24, 2016
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