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Twubs is a simple combination of the words "twins" and "chubby", meaning that "twubs" means chubby twins. The word is most commonly used when bro's (or ho's) are discussing their latest awesome sexual escapades.
A: "Yo bro I totally nailed these two hot twubs yesterday! And guess what! They wanna hang out again on Saturday!

B: No way! Dudeski, you know I love twubs! Pick me up on the way there and we can double team that shit! Just like the old days! Slappin' fat titties side-by-side!

A:Damn straight brofo! And maybe after we're done with the chubby twins, we can touch dicks!"

"...went to the mall today... saw some twubs. Scariest thing ever."
by Casesomething August 10, 2009
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1. a cracked out squirrel
2. the inside of your elbow, opposite of your wenis
1. Stop acting like a twub.
2. My twub is ticklish!
3. I hurt my twub this morning chasing a twub.
by Salvador Henry January 06, 2007
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A combination of the gay slang term twink and chub. A twink is a young gay or bi male, between 18 and 25, predominantly white, slim and fairly smooth. A Twub is a twink witha few extra pounds.
Friend 1:"So how was your night?"
Friend 2: "Great! we went to the gay village, I got wasted on jaeger bombs and ended up pounding the fuck out of this blonde twub's juicy arse."
by Hapolachleana April 19, 2018
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The Twub or Twubby :The patch of skin between a twat and a butthole. Like a "taint" but on a girl.

Twa-ubb. Twa-ubb-ee.
"When I'm eating a girl out,I rest my mustache on her twubby"
by Disc Golf Wizard September 12, 2017
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