2 grams of marijuana for $30. two-for-thirty
hey, wanna' sell me a twofor? i'll smoke you out!
by alf December 20, 2003
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A two for one deal for alcoholic beverages (Most popular in Caribbean Destinations) With purchase of first drink, one can distribute a free second drink to a companion or retain said drink for further consumption.
Mike, attempting to ease the tention in the room, offered twofors for everyone at the bar that night.
by Dr. Wyly October 30, 2009
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Two climaxes in a single session of sexual intercourse.
"Bobby was so adept in love-making, Cheryl achieved a twofor."
by BabaYaga1646 March 21, 2021
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This is when you gotta tell your boss they need to make a decision to get rid of someone or else you and another person are quitting.
"Boss, this HR whore is killing me, you gotta do a Twofor or Brenda and I are out of here."
by Twofor April 9, 2021
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