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A form of cheating in a relationship where a person attempts to maintain two seperate relationships at once without one-another involved in each relationship knowing about each other. When information is known, the offender usually openly denies anything's going on, and may accuse one person to the other that the other person involved is either obsessed with a relationship or is a home wrecker and, vice versa to the other person. In typical cheating on the other hand it may be a sexual relationship and, the "on the side" person may or may not know that the person they're having sex with is in a relationship.
Two timing usually occurs Where a married person has a girlfriend/boyfriend but the husband/wife does not know about the other person and the other person does not know who they're involved with a person is married.

Typical scapegoats is that the other person is obsessed or overall denial. In married situations, a common scapegoat is that the marriage has seperated whether it did or not.
by WAlexM May 27, 2007
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Taking 2 people to prom!
Tasha: omg! Did you hear Rachel is taking Simon AND ed to prom

Ruby: WHAT she’s so two timing
by Barbequesauceonmytitties March 11, 2019
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Taking the drugs MDMA and LSD at the same time to acheive a more drastic trip.
you are "two-timing" because your seeing both 'molly' (MDMA) and 'lucy" (lSD)
by BHFinest November 22, 2010
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