You are a 'two sheds' if you always one up yourself, brag or show off when an opportunity arises.
Holly has one shed. Cat would like Holly to know she has two sheds.
This is known as 'being a two sheds', 'two shedding' or 'shedding'.
by Holly June 19, 2018
Someone who thinks they have got something bigger and better than you have
"if i had a black cat he would have a blacker one. He's a right billy two sheds"
by michael d wright October 24, 2008
A man who does NOT have two sheds, despite his moniker. He is not planning on getting another. He only has one, and this shed of his has no special features.
"THAT IS IT! I am throwing away the bloody shed!"
"Then you'll be Arthur "No Sheds" Jackson, right?"
by Zach G. November 9, 2003