1.When a Twirp prefroms acts of annoince.
2.When a Twirp irritates someone with its behavior
Stop making that retarted sound you Twirp, Stop tapping my shoulder you Twirping little Twirp
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A Man/Woman unable to adapt to normal sociaty, preforming random acts of annoyince, living in seclusion in trees or in bushes, under rocks etc.
Stop poking me with that stick u goddamn little twirp, go eat some bugs in your cave
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Acronym for high school Sadie Hawkins dance. "The Woman Is Required to Pay"
Girl: Will you go to TWIRP with me?
Boy: No I don't go to dance with ugly girls
by Y March 19, 2005
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to be higher than normal. 'stoned'
We smoked a 5.5 gram blunt at Umass Amherst and got everyone twirped.
by trollchoker December 10, 2009
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