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a common acronym for "trans women-exclusionary radical feminist". it is a subtype of terf.

twerfs specifically exclude trans women from their definition of womanhood while often handwaving trans men as acceptable under faulty logic that trans masculine people are "truly women" and as such are just exercising their power, freedom, rights, and individuality

mostly the same bullshit as regular terfs
Those twerfs treat people a lot like patriarchal traditionalists treat people.
by Ai Hikari January 22, 2018
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A Queef that takes place while Twerking.
Friend 1: Last night at the club downtown i was in the middle of the dance floor twerking and on accident i twerfed.
Friend 2: Ohmygosh did anyone hear?
Friend 1: Yeah everybody stopped and looked at me.
Friend 2: No way.
Friend 1: I was so embarrassed i ran out.
by ishipsebasceil August 08, 2013
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the act of having sexual intercourse with a female so hard that her chances of having kids decreases by 74 percent after that night
It is impossible for Johnnie Bogues to twerf girls because his dick is too little
by Vin46hawk February 04, 2011
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