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weed that may be good enough to cost twenty dollars a gram
not, middies, not merch, twenties boy
by blaise the blaise October 20, 2006

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What some people hear when someone with a Jamacain dialect says, "Lamb's breath." Which is a Jamacain strain of cannabis. It can also just mean weed in general.
"Shot Dread in the head; took the bread and the lamb's bread."

Biggie Smallz
by blaise the blaise February 13, 2007

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an act of intercourse, where the orifice of interest is the eyeless socket
my wife lost her eye in an industrial accident. the silver lining lies in our shared interest in octal sex.
by blaise the blaise June 27, 2009

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double shift in the mo-fu-ing kitchen
another dubbie, another dollar, another sad day.
by blaise the blaise October 26, 2006

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