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A term used within British political circles, Twenty Percenters is applied to the portion of the population that will accept any lie you decide to tell them, which is roughly around 20%. Twenty Percenters believe in things like global warming and the urgent need to restrict freedom of speech. Twenty Percenters are characterised by lack of imagination and display frequent cognitive dissonance. They also lack any ability to confront authority in a material sense but may compensate for their lack of volition through symbolic action such as: affiliating themselves with an impotent political group, subscribing to eclectic political journals, writing protest poetry/songs, macramé and pressing wild flowers.
We've got the Twenty Percenters on board but what can we do convince the rest of electorate that raising duty on fuel will save the planet?
by ObeyThePorkLord March 19, 2013
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A person that has 80% of their head up their ass... Often used on the road to refer to people driving on I476 or I76 in the Philadelphia region because of their lack of ability to merge onto a moving highway. Also used to describe all of New Jersey's drivers... They cause traffic jams because they apply the brakes instead of gas when trying to merge onto a fast moving highway thus causing accidents, or making everyone stop causing a chain reaction traffic jam that doesn't end until sometime around 7:30pm... These roads would otherwise be clear if these people had the ability to access the other 80%.

Also used to describe everyone that drives to the beach on late friday afternoons during rush hour.
Driver in front: "Hey, look at me. I think I'm a safe driver because I go 35MPH to merge onto a highway that has an average speed of 75MPH!"

Smart Driver stuck behind: "What a fucking twenty percenter. Now none of us can merge smoothly."
by Jack Bell June 04, 2007
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