A general disorder or outbreak on the face from swallowing too many pickles.
Dude, you got some keyes or acne; that's really bad and unattractive.
by BrowniePoints4me March 15, 2017
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The Cap'n from the hit Xbox and PC game who ends up getting his head ripped of by Master Chief a.k.a. John, all that is left of the Spartan Project, When the Captain suddenly becomes an evil parasitic lifeform known as the flood.
Captain Keyes said that he may loose contant when he gets there. I believed him.
by David Lewis December 30, 2004
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A bigot filled with hate, hypocrisy, and moral perversion. Also, he was a Republican candiate in the 2004 Illinois senate race. His opponent, Barack Obama defeated the low-life by a landslide. He is a religious fascist. His extremism preached intolerance, hate, and idiocy. His daughter, Maya Keyes, came out as a lesbian shortly after he lost the election. Alan Keyes then disowned his daughter and refused to pay for her schooling. However, justice prevailed as a good school gave her free tuition. Alan Keyes stated Christ would not vote for a Democrat and the all homosexuals are selfish hedonists.
Hey! Stop being such a gay bashing bigot, you damn Alan Keyes.
by DOS Emulation April 4, 2005
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She is happy , nice, thick asf, if u break her heart she'll break your soul
Tom: hey.

Yokes:hey. Tom have u seen janajah keyes she is fine asf
by X lover August 16, 2019
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An arsehole who sticks his tongue in his mouth as if he's got a Willy in it he acts completely gay but around girls he deepens his voice to try sound cool even though he just looks like a fucking cunt
by Fuckin person July 19, 2017
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An amazing person, siriusly invested in fandoms, particularly the harry potter fandom, the best person you'll ever meet, devilishly handsome (jk, very beautiful), loves buying cookies in middle school. Will be there for you, may act all quiet and shy, but she's either plotting your death, shipping you with someone, thinking about something cringy she did 3 years ago, or imagining her current fanfiction future/better ending
"See her over there? That's Julia Keyes, she's the best human being ever
by boompowgunman December 8, 2021
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