1. an eleven day drug binge starting on a friday afternoon, and ending the week after the following monday when you are being resucitated in the emergency room and realize that if you survive you've probably been fired, lost your car, and will be evicted.

2. a 3 day computer overclocking binge starting on a friday afternoon and ending the following monday just before lunch when you realize that your video game addiction might just cost you your new promotion.
Bob with crystal meth in his pocket, and Joe with the new AMD Athlon-64 in his pocket passed in the hall and wished each other a happy tweekend.
by Joe Boggs December 24, 2003
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to tweak out on the weekend, starting on a friday night or saturday night and ending on sunday evening depending when you crash (come down). a dub sack or a 30 sack is enough for a whole tweekend if you like snorting lines but if u like smoking, a half tina is good, OR just have enough to share with another. when the tweekend is over smoke some kush, but get some food, water, and vitamins back in ur system as it has been drained during the tweekend.

the best part of a tweekend is when it has started or is starting..

best tweekend night: warm, humid july night.

what u need for a tweekend:
backpack, change of clothes, (for a cold winter night-long pants, long sleeve shirt and long johns,and a jacket or sweater with hood, a hat. warm summer night-long pants or shorts, tshirt or tank top), shorts if it is hot, water, cash, a dub sack or bigger, a piece if u r not sketchy carrying one, a bike or a razor scooter, and a good chill spot for the night, and if ur lucky, a hookup to bring back to your chill spot. and make sure u have a lighter, and some chronic or better is good when you crash.
i pull tweekends when i smoke a gang of kush or chronic that i have so much euphoria that i feel that i can party all night.
by skaterjack October 5, 2006
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When you watch the entire Breaking Bad Series in one weekend....
That was one crazy tweekend, I watched every Breaking Bad episode one after the other. I'm calling in sick Monday.
by Orangedrop May 22, 2015
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The weekend following the closest weekend.
This term is used to replace having to say "not this weekend, but the one after" when there is a confusion.

It is a contraction of "two" and "weekend".
Would you like to go on a picnic tweekend?

This weekend, I won't have time. How about tweekend?
by Vocabulicious January 10, 2011
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‘How was your weekend?’
‘Well, I found out tasers don’t slow me down when I’m waaay up. Helluva Tweekend.
by iownthemoon July 27, 2022
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