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a disorder that appears characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, by impairment of the ability to communicate with others or even form a thought about something other than twat.
After Snatchface has a few beers in him he becomes twatistic.
by Portia Flynn October 14, 2006
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adjective: for something to be very much like the twat, to be of the twat, to seem like the female genitalia in form or in slang reference; a combination of twat and artistic, an artist's rendition of the female genitalia

noun: a statistic involving the twat, the study of female statistics

noun: a disease suffered by those who act like a vagina all the damn time, also referred to as twatism.
adj: 1. That douche bag over there is being such a twatistic bastard. 2. My, that painting is quite twatistic; I just love the curves.

n: I was studying the twatistics of that sorority and discovered that only 3 are still virgins.

n: 1. He is twatistic and cant help but act like a girl. 2. Women are all that twatistic ever thinks about, but he is never gonna get one.
by PseudoNinjar September 17, 2010
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