A firm, donut shaped pillow, worn around the penis. This is used to reduce the extreme pressures of bumping on the pelvic area during crazy intercourse.
This is especially helpful when a girl is lacking in the rear.

In other words, a twankle is a "cushion for pushin"
Careful guy: Dude, I got this girl to come to my house later!
His friend: Oh sweet are you going to fuck her?
Careful guy: Yeah but shes really skinny, and I just pulled my groin, so im gonna buy a twankle.
by Necrosin April 10, 2010
Alternative spelling and pronunciation of the word "Twinkle."
Shine, bright, reflect.

"When the light hits my ice it twankles and glistens!"
by ScrooLewse November 23, 2012
vagina (when used in prose or poetry)
Back in the day, you wore dresses down to your ankle; now they're so short, I can almose see your twankle.
by Bobby Rush July 28, 2004