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1. Twitter accounts that serve no benefit other than linkspamming or self-promotion: "That girl's pretty twam-y."

2. Twitter follow requests from persons blithely following Robert Scoble's mass-adding formula for gaining "followers" on Twitter: "Scoble's mass-add formula encourages follow twam."
by Andrew Badera April 17, 2008
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T.W.A.M is the abbreviation for Together We Achieve More. This is not to be confused with T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More
Larry: Hey Bob I can't lift this dead body on my own.....
Bob: Not to worry I'll give you a hand....
Larry and Bob together: TWAM!!!! (fist pump)
by pircherpants August 22, 2013
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a group of three girls whos skin color is white as milk. stands for Team White As Milk.
oh my gosh. jess and dyana are not TWAM anymore, but eash is. ehhh.
by Eash May 31, 2007
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