The toilet, the pot where one goes to the bathroom in.
"I just punished my roommates turley because I have no toilet paper in my bathroom."
by SamDiesel April 25, 2008
A penis so special it got a second.d chance at life. Can lead sisters to fight. Stay clear of this member unless you are willing to be dickmatized.
by Methany Shard April 3, 2020
Glasgow slang for those occasions when you fail dismally to achieve sexual relations with a woman due to penile flacidity.
See Sexual Intercourse....or lack thereof.
A - "What a night, man. We went for movies and dinner and drinks...I drank a little too much though and I managed only the Turley Treatment before dozing off..."
R - "Gonna see her again?"
A - "After that? Doubt it.
by Capt. Volcano November 27, 2008
The worst fucking person on planet Earth. Like actually, how is a human person this shit. Evan Turley’s are usually found in a low end high school in Illinois. If you find him, call him a loser, he understands. Evan Turley’s usually don’t have much skill in anything, basically just scum of the earth
Teacher: Who’s your partner for your project?
Student: Evan Turley

Teacher: Ohhhh... Evan Turley.. Have fun with that asshole
by SuperCloud50 October 19, 2019
Someone who people refer to as a ‘Curly Wurly’ so she will say “Shut uppppp”

Someone who’s surname rhymes with Wurly
Hello Turley Wurly’
shut up joe!”
by yolo pooooo October 4, 2019
Someone who gets called Turkey Wurly which rhymes with “Curly wurley”.

This is done to annoy someone :)
Hi Turley Wurly,”
Shut up joe!”
by yolo pooooo October 4, 2019