Turkmen or Turkoman or Turkman may refer to:
* Turkmenistan, in Central Asia (referring to something of, from, or related to that country)
* Turkmen language, the national language of Turkmenistan
* Formerly the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, when a constituent republic of the Soviet Union.

* Ethnic Turkmens fall into two distinct groups; confusingly, both of these are sometimes called both "Turkmen" and "Turcoman/men". Both are part of the wider grouping of Oghuz Turks. Oghuz Turks, a large branch of Turkic peoples, historically Muslim nomadic Oghuz Turks (in the 10th–18th centuries)

* Eastern or Central Asian/Iranian group:

--Turkmens, a Turkic people located primarily in Central Asia, in Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and in the North Caucasus
-- Iranian Turkmen, an ethnic minority of Oghuz Turkish descent living in Iran

* Western group
-- Iraqi Turkmen, an ethnic minority living in northern Iraq
-- Syrian Turkmen, an ethnic minority of Oghuz Turkish descent living in Syria
-- Yörüks, a semi-nomadic group in Anatolia often referred to as Turkmen in Turkey
-- Karapapaks or Terekeme, an ethnic minority living in Turkey, Iran and the South Caucasus
Turkmen, are people from Turkmenistan...
Iraqi Turkmen are being discriminated against by the Iraqi Kurdistan autonomous government.. Sad!
by Andy8Kahn January 27, 2017
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Someone from Turkmenistan; literally a country that nobody knows about. Usually looks Asian. Very hard for them to go to the US.
Hey, he said he is from Turkmenistan, so he must be Turkmen!
by Yuri A. March 31, 2020
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A race of people that have there own country and are spread over the middle east in these countries:

Southern America

The Turkmen have a never ending grudge with the Kurdish people of Iraq and Iran because they are trying to make a Turkmen run city in Iraq (THe city of kirkuk) Kurdish controlled and there is a waging civil war in that city which is the size of las vegas 3 times.

Other things that relate to this. Turkmenistan Iraq Kurd Kurdish (KURD SOMETHING GODDAMN KURDS)
A Turkmen is a Turkish Tribe, it formed as a special ops groups back in the time where there were castles and stuff, they were used to kill Christians trying to take over Muslim run terrority, they later evolved in to a culture and spread all over the world, Turkmen are now over 23 million spread out all over the world, THATS LIKE CANADA!!!
by Erol Ali THE TURKMEN REP July 3, 2006
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Like the Turkish Delight (aka lokum) but from Turkmenistan. Many Soviets and Turks enjoy it. The taste is somewhat similar to Dr. Pepper, so if you like Dr. Pepper, you will like Turkmen delight. However, if you expect it to be like a Turkmen version of Turkish delight, then prepare to be disappointed.
Turkmen person: Have you tried our fabulous Turkmen delight?
Turkish person: What's that, your rip-off of our fabulous lokum?!

Turkmen person: Ok, that's fine. You don't give a shit. You don't know what you're missing.
Turkish person: *tastes the Turkmen delight* Yuck! At least it's slightly different from our delight but it's horrible!
by FunkDaBeat November 26, 2014
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who dis new fone
dis turkmeneli
oh nice show me tits and ass
by rebelklef January 28, 2017
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