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When you use another persons lit cigarette to light your own unlit cigarette,when the two cigarettes touched,it was referred to as "a turkeyfuck" We used this term in the 60's when we were Ontario, I have no idea where the term came from, however, a great number of our fathers were WW2 veterens, maybe it is a military term, ps I gave up smoking some time ago!
I don't have any matches, give me a turkeyfuck.
by whitestone April 16, 2006
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To use a lit cigarette to light an unlit cigarette. Common in the canadian prairies and parts of ontario
Person A: Do you have a light?
Person B: No, you'll have to turkeyfuck
by averisk September 20, 2009
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to use someone elses lit cigarette to light your own cigarette with
Yo,turkey fuck me.

ohhhh thankyou
by ~===== December 09, 2003
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when you make a turkey with two people's hands instead of doing a high five (one person does a thumbs-up and the other puts their hand as if they were wanting a high five and then you basically "pound it' into the hand)
Then the person with the high-five hand takes their index finger and puts it in and out of the whole made by the thumbs up hand.
Kid 1: Shit thats so sick.
Kid 2: Turkeyfuck on that.
by Jackie Rothman June 14, 2007
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on thanksgiving when you raost a turkey and fuck it through the part where you put stuffing
"dude, I love thanksgiving!"


"cause you can fuck the turkey."


"turkey fuck! it's nice."
by sillytoe October 03, 2009
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A catostrophic chain of events deriving from a screw up in the kitchen. These generally affect the sacred Thanksgiving foods which then angers the large, hungry, peabrained rednecks occupying space in your home. Shouting, violent outbursts, crying, drunken-ess, and lawn fighting usually ensue
You: man my thanksgiving sucked
Friend: why?
You: my mom had all these rednecks over and when the turkey got burnt the whole situation became a Turkeyfuck. I mean it was a drunk, violent, redneck mess.
You: Damn that sux brah
by Xto tha iggy w to the wizza November 25, 2010
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