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adjective; content that is similar to that of a tumblr user; ie. tumblr girls, tumblr boys, justgirlythings, etc. (NOTE) the content is normally picture(s), found on Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, other social medias.
Girl1: that account is so tumblrish
Girl2: ikr, I love the way she edits her photos!
Girl1: her eyes are so pretty! Also her hair and everything else!
Guy1: she's like my ig bestie! Totally agree with you, (Girl1, Girl2)!
by Lanastea. February 17, 2014
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adjective, describes something related to Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez or Halsey, usally used for pictures.
H1- Omg, that outfit is so tumblrish.
H2- Yeah! It remindes me of what Halsey was wearing in her music video!
by Suicidal_Microwave April 27, 2016
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