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2 in the puss and 1 in the butt. however, this sign that is made with the hands has also become one of the gang signs for the BTC a small gang in Eugene, OR, the three fingers is a symbol for the gang as it works as the symbol for the letter 'E' for 'Eugene'. They flash this sign at passing cars and in videos and at parties to let the community know who runs the city.

The main difference between da shocka and the gang sign and a WC or EC sign, is the distance and formation between fingers. a normal shocka is index and middle are together, EC/WC is completely seperate, very spread. the BTC symbol has the index finger about an inch spread form the middle finger.
A: Dude, that guy just gave me da shocka when he drove by!
B: naw man, that was an 'E'.
A: Oh Shit! it's the BTC!
B: Let's get the fuck outa here!
by lzfreshtadeath May 12, 2008
the extreme of rough. taken straight out of the setting for drying your clothes comes this definition of a rough night.
When the word rough doesn't cut it anymore and you need to give it more and make it clear to another person that it is extremely rough.

It can also be used to describe apparel or appearance of a person. And can be described as an action.
A: so after i awoke after taking heroin me and my friends ran for 4 miles from the the cops
B: dude that's rough and tumble dry

Wu-Tang Clan is rough and tumble dry

Fight Club basement is rough and tumble dry
by lzfreshtadeath May 11, 2008