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"Tuey" a slang term used in Seattle to describe the wonderful yet deathly concoction 211 steel reserve. If you must know Tuey is the best 40 Oz. in the world, although it will make you shit your pants the next day with frequent outbreaks throughout the next 24 hours. It will also inhibit your abilities to function even with the simplest of tasks, as it is the beer Satan created himself to take pleasure in watching humans suffer.
ND: ay, lets go to the store and fuck with tuey.
JS: nah man tuey is too rediculous for me tonight i just want a wine cooler.
ND: oh yea last time we drank tuey we woke up in North Seattle without our pants, damn your right...
JS: fuck it I only have 5 dollars lets do it.
by Jays nuts May 01, 2008
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