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A pseudospoonerism of fucktard, it means the same, but is generally used when saying the "fuck" part would be frowned upon.
"He fertilized his lawn with gasoline? What a tuckfard!"
by TheAvacadoMightier July 01, 2004
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To call someone a fucktard, but in a more respectful manner.
Mr. Shlongo, you are indeed a tuckfard.
by Pubo December 07, 2016
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A f*in' retard so retarded that fucktard is too complicated for them, hence the spoonerism "tuckfard" which inverts the "t" and the "f" for maximum stupidity.
The guys started a food fight on spaghetti and meatball day to impress the girls at school. Unfortunately, it was also "wear all white" day so they were labeled "tuckfards" thence and for ever.
by luigi the squegee September 20, 2010
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