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Someone who takes long time to understand a little thing
Jay tells a joke and Beboo understands after 1 hour.
Beboo is a tubelight!!
by Jay April 06, 2005
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Someone who takes a long time to get something...i.e. he/she is slow. The word's short form is literally means a florescent bulb... because when you switch it on the light doesnt actually flash until a few seconds later. Similarly, the person's brain whom you called a tubelight, doesn't light up and understand something until later
Rose is such a tubelight, she didn't get the joke until after everyone stopped laughing
by Black_Rose November 20, 2005
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Someone who doesn't get a statement, be it a joke or anything else.
He's such a tube light...doesn't get anything!
by Juhi August 23, 2006
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some one whos slow when it comes to jokes
it takes him a while to get a joke.

tube lights flash 3-4 times before they go on.

a slow person blinks 3 - 4 times before getting a funny joke and then laughs
maaan ur such a fuckin tube light
i hate tellin jokes to tube lights
your a tube light, ass hole
you killed the joke tube light
by Sincere February 28, 2005
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An Asian word for below average high school Indian students
Ah why did he get a B in Honors PreCalc?
He’s a tubelight, that’s why
by toasted_chimp January 24, 2019
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man, i can't believe these tubelights want to send more troops to iraq!
by the indian elephant May 16, 2007
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