"Hey girl I need to get going, but i'll ttyl!"
by TraceWasHere September 18, 2014
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"talk to you later" is the commonly accepted definition of the acronym ttyl. Other definitions include "taste these yummy lips."
An internet conversation comes to a close:

"hey man, i have to go."

"ok. ttyl."
by yreyesylee March 19, 2009
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A young-adult book written by Lauren Myracle, written using chat windows. Also, an abbreviation for talk to you later.
"I'm going to go read 'ttyl'"
"Ok, ttyl"
by L is for detective July 11, 2008
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talk to you later
(which I thought was totally text you later for years)
Person 1: Bye
Person 2: TTYL
by Hi_bye_hey March 11, 2019
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"Talk To You Later," used in text messages between a couple involved in an extramarital or otherwise secret romantic relationship where the sender does not wish to make the relationship's existence public knowledge, as doing so could have marital, employment or legal consequences for the sender.

A quick way to abruptly cut a conversation short, "ttyl" is along the lines of the police command, "Maintain radio silence," and it's loosely translated as, "My spouse/family/co-workers/friends are here. Do not send me anything else."

It is unspoken but understood that the receiver will simply stop and wait for something else from the sender.

In the conversation below, dessert refers to casual sex after dinner. Whipped cream optional.
Text Messages:

Her: Hey, babe, he's gone tomorrow AM for 2-3 days. Kids at grandparents. Dinner & dessert?
Him: I'm in. Wherever you want. Ideas?
Her: Been to that new French place on main? Heard it's yum and very romantic. He's coming up driveway.
Him: Perfect. Dessert at my place.
Her: God, yes, please, I SO need dessert.
Him: Honey, I'm ready for dessert too. I want to eat as much as I can.
Her: ttyl
by Al B. Dam December 19, 2011
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Acronym for "Type to You Later". Widely used by people on internet chat clients, message boards, and instant messange clients. Probably invented by lamers on AOL that they think they are too "cool" to say "good bye" or "I'll talk to you later"
<John21> Hey, I gotta run, I have to meet my girlfriend at the mall.
<l33tAOLd00d> ttyl
by CocoRice July 7, 2003
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