you heard about what happened to x bro?
yea, tsc.
by lmaogigi June 23, 2018
It’s a acronym for that shit crazy usually used when sum crazy happens or an awkward situation. Somtimes referred to as the “mobeenlit” term
by Heaydjt April 10, 2019
- the sound of your mouth when you're being disappointed, something similar to "ccc" (three sounds that express judgement).
Can be used in every language.
Tsc© is invented in 2019 by Anida and Merjem.
Tsc, you don't know how to treat women.
Tsc, I'm so sad you can't come to my place in Ahatovici tonight.
by merjemcece April 16, 2022
Toiler Seat Cover Person, TSC people are nasty in general. They're metaphorically covered in piddle and shit scent. They tend to smell shit everywhere they go, but never look at themselves as the culprit

A person who is just as useless and disgusting as a Toilet Seat Cover
W: “Aw man, Chris has been pouring work on me and kissing my ass all the time”

C: “I fucking know, he’s just a TSC Person”
by cars are cool October 19, 2021