rich coed who doesn't work, just smokes lots of weed and drinks upper level beer.

and lives on a trustfund.

aspiring to be a hippy without doing any of hippy-type stuff, except drugs.
by ssorcnor December 10, 2003
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A student at a selective liberal arts college (ie Colorado College, Reed, Lewis and Clark, etc)
Trustafarian: John Francis Drake drives an Audi A6 and lives off his parents' stock options, but calls himself Marley, wears dreads and eats ramen.
by akgrown88 March 31, 2009
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It's a little more elegant now. modern, 30-ish trustafarians are spending January in Jaipur with wealthy, titled euros and spending tons of money on Burmese laquerware. If you smell a mixture of orange blossom and body odor in the air, look for rumpled Italian shirts and shoddy khakis under a navy Blazer.You might want to check at the bar at The Strand Hotel in Rangoon.
My ex. Coke heir, hops artound the world with one small bag.
by Burt April 22, 2004
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a trust-fund fuck that pretends to be a hippie. Fuck all you fuckers, Schlags made this up in '90.
That trustafarian at Hobart drove away in his dad's Porshe with his dreadlocks
by shocakrafan August 18, 2007
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A trustafarian is a young rich person with a bohemian lifestyle.
Did you know that Selina Gomez is a trustafarian? She is because she is very young, and rich. She is also a singer. That is where she gets her money.
by Nutella Nutella Nutella July 23, 2017
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yogurt weaving, museli jumper wearing, rainbow nazi. Offspring of a CEO or heriditary peer with enough money from daddy to seemily appear to thick stupid hippy cunts fucked on whatever to have morals. once the 'holiday' is over, generally become a judge, arms dealer or general cunt.
: yes tarquins become a hunt sabatour.
: really, trustafarian cunt
by gavin March 04, 2006
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They are so wealthy,
they have different accents,
then the normal American.
Large amounts of land.
New trucks and cars.
They do not travel in the normal circles.

I've only met one true Trustafarian
in my whole life.
He worked in his gardens
and was building a home.
by steve real July 26, 2006
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