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A woman with an extremely large ass.
Whoa, did you see the truck butt on that gal? Honk, honk (semi truck horns)
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007
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cigarettes that are kept only in ones car or truck and only smoked while the said person is driving about
I need more truck butts for the long drive.
by Cacheous October 03, 2007
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The dangerous and un-nerving experience of being tailgated very closely by a large truck so that all you see in the rear vision mirror is a large shiny bumper and a truck radiator.
Mary: "What's wrong Dave, you've got white knuckles and your driving is a bit erratic."

Dave: "I'm a bit nervous Mary, I've got Truck Butt from this 22-Wheeler behind us."
by Adam Vaughan-Williams March 13, 2008
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