sexy e-boy with a monster energy drink addiction and anger issues
Trubis has a manipulative gf.
Really? He’s so tall and sexy, never would’ve guessed.
by Él Puebes November 21, 2020
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Term used to describe individuals who are obsessed with the HBO series True Blood and the books written by Charlaine Harris that the show is based off of. To a Trubie, True Blood is a cult following. Many Trubies are very hostile toward Twi-Hards (fans of the Twilight series), because the True Blood books came out years before Twilight.

Your average Trubie usually...
1. Constantly awaiting Sunday night at 9
2. Snickers at any pop culture reference to True Blood
3. Repeats "Sookeh Is Mine!" Over and over again in the bathroom mirror.
4. Masturbates thinking he or she is at Fangtasia.
5. Constantly bashes Twilight.
6. Walks around with reading the novels to show the world.
7. Dreams about Eric
8. Instead of calling people sluts, scream "Fangbanger"
9. Would pack up their bags and live in Bon Temps
10. Possibly take ecstasy and pretend it's "V"
Person #1: Omg the new Twilight came out!!

Person #2: What?! Twilight is a two dimensional story with no chemistry. True Blood mixes sex, violence, and drugs into a white trash supernatural romance drama. They don't even compare!!!

Person #1: Fuck you, Trubie!
by lemmeseeurteeth July 9, 2010
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Sum fattums kid that shit at stuff
person 1: "eeeeerrrrrr, what's that retard in the corner"
person 2:"eeeeee he must be a Max Truby"
retard:"how dar ye sai that shit language to me"
by SummancGuy December 10, 2020
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A friend that is there no matter what u may request of them, no questions asked. Just do it, because that's what Trubie's do.
Though we trust our friends, there is only one Trubie.
by carebear1981 July 11, 2019
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A trubis is a male with an average sized dick that dates a girl older than him, which lives far away.
Damn, John is such a Trubis!
by Bruzi November 21, 2020
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