When nerds repeatedly suck the living fun and essence out of playstation 3 games for the sole purpose of collecting trophies.

Whilst it can be said that often the pursuit of obtaining various trophies can be both invigorating, challenging and fun, it could also be said that most trophy whores are funsuckers with nothing better to do in their penis lives.

Trophy Whores are often compared to Achievement Whores, male sluts who wish to sleep with Master Chief and get all the achievements in various games to get a super high gamerscore, a score which only total fags could care about.

However, Trophy Whores are superior to Achievement Whores in the fact that Trophy Whores had the common sense to purchase a PS3 home entertainment system over an Xbox 360 system which was only created for one game: Halo 3. Also known as Dick.
Caleb: Hey yo, I heard that you spent the last five hours playing Grand Theft Auto IV on your PS3 only to get the trophies.

Jason: So what if I'm a whore G? At least I know how to touch a woman. I'm no ordinary whore like you Achievement Bitch I'm a motherfraggin pwning 1337 haxor trophy whore.

Caleb: Damn man! All I was asking was if you got GTA! We cool, right? Cool like Guns 'N Roses?

Jason: Fuck it, ugly cocksucker you can go suck a big, fat, juicy master chief penis. I'll bet it's green like his armor.

Caleb: You suck trophy whore. You're so sexy and awesome and you have a PS3. Everyone should worship you now.
by Ninja J April 18, 2009
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someone who will do anything to win
Trinity College are a bunch of trophy whores and don't care about their students passing TEE because none of them have a future outside of sport
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The Sony equivalent of an Achievement Whore - somebody who will play shitty games just to get shiny virtual rewards.
Dude 1 - I'm really loving Sonic Unleashed, it has loads of easy Trophies.

Dude 2 - You filthy trophy whore.
by Yo Grandad December 8, 2008
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PS3 gamers that suck the life out of the games for their enjoyment of having more trophies, even if they don't like the game they'll still play.

True gamers don't do this because they aren't into this kind of bs!
Hey dude I got 14 Platinum trophies, 20 Gold and 400 Silver.

Okay but that's useless, no one cares apart from Trophy Whores.
by Anon12576343 November 5, 2010
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Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese expression: "Trofeu de rapariga".

Those single stem roses wrapped in plastic sold at bars, only bought by guys who want to impress girls but are running out of material, such as good conversation, jokes and dance moves.
Girl #1: "How was your date last night?"
Girl#2: " It was awful at the begenning of the night, but then he bought me a "Whore's trophy" so I splept with him.
Girl #1: " Wow, you earned that rose, whore!!"
by Cranky Nanny March 15, 2010
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