a person who walks around heavily and hard-arsed.
fuckin' hell, jerry's da's been "tronking" round town like.
by tassomai champion of the week November 11, 2018
A new word to replace all words meaning to be wasted/ drunk/ buzzed/ crunked/ high etc.
Bevan: Dude i drunk so much last night.
Barry: Yeah man you were pretty tronked.
Bevan: Bloody oath.
by hmz August 6, 2006
Getting Tronked is the ultimate disrespect. It is is like god punching you in the face and telling you that you suck at life and should give up. If anyone says get tronked to you then you know your life is over, good luck going home to your family because they would have disowned you and everything you stand for. You will be know as worthless, a lesser man/woman.
Get Tronked
by Tronked October 1, 2020
A trollop skank -or someone who goes around acting really slutty, but really are getting no action.
"Damn! I heard Amy hooked up with Carter."
"No she didn't dude, she made that up."
"Wow what a Tronk"
by kitcatinhat July 3, 2013
An idiot who copies original threads on Internet forums thereby killing all the fun
"Oh no, look at that tronk over there, he copies original threads on Internet forums thereby killing all the fun.
by ArthurDent August 30, 2006
Adj. Large, strong legs that resemble tree trunks.
That girl has tronks, I'd love her to squish me with them..
by Tronklover March 28, 2020
The sound a trash person’s car makes to announce they’ve arrived, as if mobile phones didn’t exist. (Trash+honk).
Girl, you gotta break up with that guy. He smells bad, eats garbage food and tronks every time he picks you up.
by Dezrespect November 5, 2018