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Getting a blowjob from the Fremont Troll in Seattle. This giant concrete troll has been lurking under the north end of the Aurora bridge, snacking on children and giving blowjobs since 1990!!!
I visited Seattle this past weekend. I got some great sushi at Pike Place, had a splendid view from the Space Needle and Starbucks was Starbucks, but the highlight of the trip by far was getting a trolljob from that huge stone monster statue under the Aurora Bridge.
by dicK$hiny & Att0mAtiC November 09, 2010
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A paid blowjob performed by a troll living beneath Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam for the standard price of 5,000 VND (approximately 0.26 USD at the time of this writing).
He headed to the bridge for a trolljob last week, and now he's in the hospital with multiple STD's.
by squidbrand November 10, 2010
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