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The guy was trying to trick us into believing he was Alec Baldwin, but we knew from minute one he was just trogging. Yet another failed troll.
by Rythian February 03, 2011
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Going after trogs (the unattractive girls who take advantage of your poor, late-night judgement). Generally happens after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
Man I went trogging again last night. Probably talked to every ugly girl in the bar.
by @Trog_awareness October 22, 2013
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The act of clicking through a social media network or library interface with no real intended destination.
"I was trogging through Spotify the other day and I found some incredible music."

"I'm going to trog Facebook until I find 'the one'"
"I found this cool tony stark wiki article when I trogged on the Marvel article"
by the mooseman May 13, 2014
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