A term commonly used to describe people of extreme attractiveness; whose physical standards compare to that of supermodels.
"That girl is such a tripodi, I'm so jealous!"
by Michaelika August 27, 2008
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Shrek. A huge fat ogre like shrek. He can also sound like Eric Cartman at times. He eats just about anything. He's eaten his contact and a fucking butterfly cocoon. He likes being naked around boys and he touched Jimmy's penis in 5th grade and then kissed it too. And then he ran around the party naked. He has fat hair. If he shaves it he would like a gorilla. This ogre needs to be stopped with torches and pitchforks cause he's so fat and he's gonna eat us all.
Fuck Elliot, I'm hungry I'll just eat this cocoon. MMMMMMM...cocoon!
by Anonymous March 25, 2005
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She is a whore, who smells like piss and eats ass on the daily. She never stop crying out of her ass and it’s honestly kind of sad, I sincerly feel bad for her.
You oh hey, you know that girl Ella Tripodi?”
“Oh yeah I heard she’s the biggest whore in town, who east ass. Maybe she can eat my ass one day and piss in my mouth. That’s my biggest dream.”
by 69asseatersunsun April 26, 2019
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