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Extremely uncommon redundant contraceptive method involving three forms of birth control. The man must still pull out despite the usage of birth control pills by the woman and proper condom use by the man. This is the lowest form of sex a couple can engage in beyond dry humping.
So what form of birth control are you guys using?

Oh, we're using the triple trifecta. (Describes it)

Why? Why why why!?!?!
by SlopDonk4Life March 22, 2014
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A Triple trifecta is the art of having a sh*t, shave and then a shower. Not necessarly in that order and can be done one after the other or all together in combination with a waffle stomp. Most commonly done before a night on the town.
Alright Tony, see you in half an hour? Just gotta have a triple trifecta and then I'll be ready.
by Bog flowedew May 07, 2018
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