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The common practice of engaging in sexual relations without furhter obligations. i.e. Find'em, Fuck'em, Forget'em
No, she's not my girlfriend - that was just a triple F.
by Florin April 12, 2005
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fat girls who cant get a physical reaction from any straight men so she has to settle for gay guys.

molly: ew shes making out with that guy, i thought he was gay
sally: he is gay, shes just a triple f
by lol@sifs June 14, 2009
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Forced Family Fun. The sort of family event you don't want to attend but often are guilt tripped into going to. Parents or relatives often will play this event up as being enjoyable but it inevitably end ups feeling awkward and forced.
Jonathan: Man, Why do we have to go to the family reunion? I don't want to deal with Uncle Michael all day.

Matt: Well mom and dad will be upset if you stay home, complete with a guilt trip.

Jonathan: Well isn't this a Triple F...
by I Bleed Audio February 03, 2010
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A female facing fifty (or forty). Similar to a male midlife crisis.
Be careful...Zach's mom might try to put some moves on you...she's triple f.
by cloozeso July 05, 2007
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