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A hat regularly worn by neckbeard redditors - often confused with a fedora.
Guy 1: Look at that brony weirdo over there in the corner with his stupid fedora.
Guy 2: Actually dude, he's wearing a trilby. You can tell by the shape.
by King Flib October 12, 2014
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The mandory hat of stereotype rain trodden American 1920's journalists
That Reporter from Batman
by Adam McDermott June 24, 2005
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a hat very commonly worn in america during the 1920s. The hat then went out of fashion although some people still wear them today. Anyone seen wearing a trilby in modern times can official be labelled a twat.
1920's Joe: "How do you like my new trilby?"
1920's Harry: "That's a mighty fine looking hat"

2010 Joe: "Hey man check out my new trilby"
2010 Harry: "Dude you're such a twat"
by James Jacksonville May 04, 2010
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A trilby is a hat the people say is nota fedora, when a tribly is pretty much a fedora, just with the back out up and a smaller rim around it, so basically a tribly is a better, and more sauve version of a fedora
Guy: "Yo nicit fedora!"
Other guy: "its not a fedora, its a trilby, but you are right, it technicality is a fedora, just more upgraded to look better, so call it a trilby, or {fedora"
Guy: "k dude, thanks for telling me, its still a nice fedora, even if its real name is a trilby"
by Kiss_my_axe May 18, 2016
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