An infamous dance move created by a promiscuous Latina; it was created to lure African American men with mouths full of gold.
"Yo that girl is so nasty! She's tripoding on the dance floor. She's a Tri•pod
by DR. A October 21, 2012
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The sexiest bloody ham known to man kind. He can get girls just by flicking a ham sandwich at people. There is a legend that when the Big Bang happened, vinny was there with the God of hams. His the most ham-a-licious person you will ever meet. A Vinh Tri is never alone as he always has a servant called Myah by his side at all times to feed him ham. When you meet a Vinh Tri you must purchase a leg of ham and donate it to him to show your gratitude to Him.
Woah look at the vinh Tri over there we must pray to him
by Little vinsta sandwich November 14, 2016
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Weird Asian dude that's an extreme nerd. Kind of nice and funny but mostly perverted. He can make fun of you if you mess with his friends, but if you are his friend, good luck.
Ex 1: Did you see Thanh-Tri's grade? It's like 100%!
Ex:2: That Thanh-Tri makes such dirty jokes, like come on!
by DaGrammarGirl February 05, 2018
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A sexual position that works out triceps. The man puts his legs up on a low table or a chair while his hands are also on the edge of a different chair. The girl squats over his crotch while he does chair dips simultaneously banging the woman.
Dude, my arms are so sore from doing the upstate tri-thrust with my girlfriend last night.
by VannTheMann March 14, 2011
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You pass a mom like you pass a joint...
We pulled a full Ha Tri with that bitch.
by TreeLover69 January 24, 2021
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A phrase that is said by Buffalo Wild Wings employees when you ask for the "Bourbon Honey Mustard" sauce on your wings, afterwards declaring it to be the worst sauce.
You: "Can I get large traditional with Bourbon Honey Mustard?"
Waiter: "Have you ever tried the Bourbon?"
by Ripyou Anewone May 22, 2018
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When someone whose native language is Spanish counts in English.
Julano counted, "Guan, chu, tri, for, fi"
by death to the ezic resistance August 15, 2021
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