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the definition of someone who will "try" anything sexual.
person 1 : whats your sexual preference?

person 2 : hey man i'll do anything, im TRI-SEXUAL
by David Towle June 03, 2004
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Due to contrary belief, trisexuals are not attracted to any living or nonliving thing. Instead, they are only sexually attracted to the tricerotops dinosaur. Most trisexual prefer horns inside of them instead of dicks.
Trisexual person: horns make me horny
by ThickΠ΅n May 30, 2017
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a person who's willing to have sexual relations and/or experiment with any other person regardless of their gender or tendency toward a specific sexual orientation
I'm straight but lately I've been feeling trisexual. I'll try anything!
by Amelia Darehart January 11, 2011
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a person who is sexually attracted to men, women, and tricycles.
Mike: "yo, what's that guy doing with that bike?"

Steve: "No dude it's cool, he's probably just a trisexual."
by GRG12467 October 26, 2008
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Well, you have heterosexual meaning straight. Homosexual meaning gay. Now we have Trisexual, where you're not gender orientated. You have no perimeters, and are happy to try pretty much anything.
I'm really advernturous in and out of the bedroom. I consider myself so open minded, I am in fact Trisexual.
by Big Chocolate Button October 09, 2010
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