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Pulling an ellaborate hoax in order to make someone look a fool. Also can be used after pulling a sly one or sneaky
Sup bled, I pulled a tricksies on dis batty de other day, bare stupido, bit of an id.
by Overlord March 15, 2005
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the act of being tricky; tricking people; best used with "Bitch"
Hey you Tricksy Bitch, bring my money back!
by Cole November 09, 2003
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Adj. Describing the means for females to normally get what they want out of a male partner. They do this normally with either a seductive or foretelling charm of things to come.
"Yeah, my girl friend was very tricksy last Saturday. She got dinner and a movie, and I got a lonely night afterward."

by CrazyBus April 21, 2008
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Any thing or situation that is unusual, wierd, or uncomfortable. Often Used in terms of an awkward situation.
Can be used as a verb (To Tricks) but is mostly an adjective
Adjective: This party is getting tricksy!

Verb: She said that she likes me, which really tricksed me
by JeremyBond November 27, 2003
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Adjective describing an argument or mathematical proof with many nonobvious steps.
Mary: Did you understand the proof of Mordell-Lang conjecture given in class today?
Brad: No, it was too tricksy!
by automorphism December 10, 2010
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