Child born to a prostitute as a result of a turned trick.
Your skank-ass mom is such a ho, I'd be surprised to find out you were anything but a trick baby...punk.

At least I'm not a trick baby....bitch.
by Professor Pickles December 24, 2003
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Noun: A baby born to a black prostitute from a liason with a white john.

Adjective: (Prejorative) A term of derision given by black folks to a mixed race person, referring to the alleged fact that their momma was a 'ho and their papa was a john. (Related term: zebra)

Popularized by the 1967 novel "Trick Baby: The Story of a White Negro" by Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck).
Dot sat there grinning. He looked straight ahead as we struggled into our coats. Then, without turning his head, he casually said, "Blue, I can't miss seeing you again soon. I'll duck into the homicide bureau and enjoy your morgue shots, maybe as soon as tomorrow. I'll count ice-pick holes in your black lard ass. You and your trick baby partner could be walking corpses."

I cut in. I was hot as hell. I said, "Goddamnit, Mr. Murray, I was no trick baby. My mother was no whore. She married a white man. Do I have to pin her marriage license to my chest? And Blue and I haven't done anything to wind up dead."

He said, "I'll believe a license when I see it. I'm bullshit proof...."

-- Iceberg Slim, "Trick Baby"
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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A rare occurrence within sporting events that requires 3.02 plus or minus 5i score points. Frequently accrued by Gary Roberts. Celebrated by throwing ones babies onto the playing surface.
OMG! Did you catch Gary Robert's baby trick last night? They're still shoveling up the carnage.
by Zombie baby tosser April 14, 2008
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